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CPT Machine

Thermal Resistivity

The KD Pro Thermal Unit using the single probe method.

This method employs a heat source inserted into the soil whereby heat energy is applied continuously at a given rate. The thermal properties of the soil can be determined by analyzing the temperature response
adjacent to the heat source via a thermal sensor.
This method reflects the rate at which heat is conducted away from the probe.

Falling Weight Deflectometer


Falling Weight Deflectometer Manufacturer: GRONTMIJ, Denmark

applies a load to the pavement inducing a deflection bowl similar to the one of a passing truck.

Menard Pressuremeter

Manufacturer: Germany

A PRESSURE-METER TEST is an In-Situ Stress Controlled Loading Test Performed on the wall of a borehole using cylindrical probe which can expand radially

From the test readings a Stress-Strain can be obtained which yields

- The Menard Pressure meter Modules
- The Creep Pressure
- The Menard Limit Pressure
- The Volume and Pressure Calibration

Has been performed on each test.


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